Waterproof Quilted Pet Seat Cover

  • $27.99

Upgrade your ride with the this Car Seat Cover. Designed for multiple uses on the go, it protects your seats and cargo area, keeps your car clean, and provides your pooch with a comfy place to ride, anywhere you go. It’s made of quilted material that’s both soft and durable, and features easy-to-setup adjustable straps that work with all headrests, seat belt slots so you can buckle up with no hassle, plus seat anchors and a non-skid backing to keep it in place even when things get bumpy. You can use it in the back seat or in the cargo, and comes in a stylish quilted material.

Key Benefits
  • Provides multiple uses in one―works as a car seat cover, hammock, and cargo cover, and adds a touch of style to any ride.
  • Protects your car from scratches and helps keep it clean and fur-free while your pal rides safely and comfy.
  • Made with durable yet soft material so it can stand up to everyday wear and tear with dogs of all sizes; canvas is machine-washable.
  • Easy to set up with adjustable headrest straps and seat anchors that work in all car seat and cargo types.
  • Features seat belt slots so you can use the seat belts with no hassle, and a nonskid backing that keeps it in place.

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