Dog & Cat Nail Clipper

  • $9.99

No need to go to the groomer when this Dog & Cat Nail Clipper allows you to do it yourself with ease. Not only are long nails tough on your floors and furniture, but they can also be very uncomfortable for your pet. Thankfully, these clippers allow you to quickly save the day with super sharp blades that offer a lifetime of clean cuts—which means no more scratches or snagged clothing when your pet excitedly greets you after a long day away. The comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue and prevents slipping, while the safety guard lets you clip with confidence.

Key Benefits:
  • Sharp blades are made from high-quality 3.5mm stainless steel for a lifetime of clean cuts.
  • Safety stop blade greatly reduces the risk of cutting the nails too short.
  • Features a built-in nail file that is stored in the handle to smooth freshly cut nails.
  • Non-slip, user-friendly design features easy-grip handles that keep your hand comfortable.
  • Recommended by professionals as part of your at-home grooming routine.
What's Included:
  • Nail Clipper
  • Nail File

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